Statement of Purpose:

North Florida Ministry Training Institute, Inc. has established North Florida Institute of Biblical Studies for the purpose of recruiting, training, equipping, and sending ministers and Lay ministry workers into the body of Christ, more qualified to be more effective in giving truth to the people of God. This purpose will be accomplished through anointed teaching of the Word of God.

Tuition $200.00

-$25.00 per course, to be paid at the beginning for each course attended. Books are included in the tuition.

Course: Dealing with Grief - Christian Ethics - Understanding Teaching - Teaching Techniques - Growing Towards Spiritual Maturity - Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Old Testament Survey - Interpreting the Scriptures


Certificates are awarded at the completion of each course passed. And a Certificate of Biblical Studies will be awarded for the completion of all of the above listed courses.

North Florida Institute of Biblical Studies, Inc.